Un rendez-vous unique avec l'histoire aéronautique

The museum is the achievement of a private collection started in 1945 near the Beauvais-Tillé Airfield. Founded as an association in 1995, it is since open to visitors.
Devoted to World War II airmen and aviation, the museum displays 1000 original pieces and 1600 pictures and documents over a 1000 m² area.

The museum is divided into many exciting sectors:
- Engine sector, a fantastic display of 7 engines, from American, British, French and German aircrafts.


- French sector, displaying aircraft pieces and aircrew personal things, scale models, documents and pictures
- British sector, Spitfire control panel, aircrew flight suits & scale model display
- American sector, , B-17 control panel, C-47 propeller, B-25 control panel, personal things of USAAF aircrew scale model display
- French Résistance, displaying things of civilians who aided downed aircrew evading
- German sector, displaying models, control panels, Me 109 pieces even a restored V1 bomb


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